Refund Policy


Citizens’ Ambulance Service, Inc. (Citizens’) will comply with all federal, state and local statutes and regulations regarding overpayments of accounts. Citizens’ has implemented an internal process that assists in identifying overpayments and promotes the willingness to refund the individual or responsible party timely. Overpayments brought to the attention of Citizens’ will be scheduled for refund/repayment within 60 days. Overpayments generated from a credit card payment will be refunded to the credit card that was used for the payment that caused or created the overpayment. An individual that contacts Citizens’ and indicates that their credit card was charged in error will be reviewed promptly by a customer service representative for erroneous payment and immediate credit card refund. Customer disputes or complaints may be directed to Citizens’ at the address or phone number below. 

Citizens’ Ambulance Service, Inc. 
Customer Service, Online & Offline Payments
805 Hospital Road 
P.O. Box 237 
Indiana, PA 15701 
Phone: 724-349-5511